“Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age.”
— — Gloria Steinem

It all started when

a friend and I were chit-chatting one morning about about pelvic floor strengthening exercises and menopause brain -- and how I keep forgetting to do the pelvic floor exercises BECAUSE of the meno-brain. And I was struck by how often we talk about the empty nest, getting older, achy joints, and what's next for us topics.  Our early morning phone chats about colicky babies and cranky teenagers, has moved into brand new territory in the past few years. The next chapter.  And it's big. 


I created this blog as a place to share those conversations. To lift the veil and speak the truth about what life is like once the kids leave home, your metabolism bottoms out and there's a 50+-year-old woman looking back at you from your bathroom mirror. 

Here you'll find the words of women who are unpacking creative passions from a dusty old trunk under the bed. You'll read stories of self-discovery and things that just plain piss us off as we navigate the highs and lows of this midlife thing.

So, if when you read these stories, you find yourself nodding along with familiarity, please leave a comment. Be part of the conversation. Or share. It's just nice. Better yet, if you have an opinion or a story to share about the joyride of this next chapter of your life, please contribute. It's really easy. There's a button on the menu. Join me and contribute to the story. All of us have stories to tell, let's tell them. I've also created a private Facebook Group, so hop over and start / join conversations. 

One last thing: If you're in my area, I am always open to chatting over a big glass of Cabernet, as well. And I'm not too proud to let you pay the bill.